Frequently Asked Questions for the 2021 Virtual Meeting


How do I download Zoom?
You can download the Zoom Desktop Client for MacWindowsChromeOS and Linux, as well as the Zoom Mobile App for iOS and Android from our Downloads page. You can also open a zoom link in your web browser if Zoom if you don’t have the Zoom Client downloaded.

Do you need an account to use Zoom? 
A Zoom account is not required if you are strictly joining Zoom Meetings as a participant. If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a participant without creating an account. 
How will I access the sessions through Zoom? 
All sessions will be accessible via Zoom. Individual Zoom links will be available for each session and only registrants will have access to the links. 

1. Enter the ITNS 2021 Virtual Meeting platform.
2. Go to the desired session you would like to join at the correct time.
3. Once the session begins, the host will allow all attendees to enter the session. 

How do I chat in Zoom? 
The “Chat” button is on the bottom of your screen when you hover over it with your mouse. A separate chat tab will appear to the right of your screen or in a pop-up window if you are in full-screen mode. If you want to submit a question to the speaker, please use the appropriate Q&A button. Questions submitted through the chat box may get lost and the speaker will not be able to address your question.


We will be using Remo for all networking events, such as the Opening Reception Thursday, September 9, and throughout the meeting. Remo will be the place to visit the exhibitors during the designated exhibit hours, visit with old and new friends, during the Coffee Chats, as well as attend the Ask the Expert and Product Theater events. 

How to add the ITNS Virtual Background? 
1.Save your favorite ITNS Virtual Background to your computer or mobile device. Virtual Backgrounds can be found here. 
2. In Remo, move your mouse to hover over the bottom of your Zoom Video. You will see an arrow next to the “Stop/Start Video” button. 
3. Click on the arrow, then click, “Choose Virtual Background…” 
4. The Settings screen will pop up. Click the “+” button where you see Virtual Backgrounds. This will allow you to add an image from your computer or mobile device. 
5. Once the ITNS background is uploaded, make sure you click on it in Settings. 
6.You can click out of Settings once you see your Virtual Background. 

Virtual Platform (Planstone)

What Platforms are Planstone compatible with? 
Planstone supports the latest version of Chrome, the current and previous release of Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft browsers. To use Planstone, cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.  
How long will the sessions be accessible on Planstone? 
The sessions will be accessible for six months after the conference. These sessions will be housed under the “Sessions” tab. 
How do I know how many credits I have earned? 
You will be able to see how many credits you have earned at the top of the “Sessions”, “Additional Events”, and “Posters” tab. A credit will be added after you have completed a session evaluation for every presentation you watch/participate in. 
How will I access the live sessions in Planstone? 
The live sessions will be included on the “Home” and “Full Schedule” tab. You will click the Zoom link that is included on those tabs and it will take you to the live session. Recordings of the live sessions will be added to the “Sessions” tab. 
How do I access a pre-recorded session? 
All pre-recorded sessions will be under the “Sessions” tab. 
How do I ask questions about a Poster? 
Go to the “Posters” tab and click on the Poster you would like to review or discuss. Once you click on the poster, Planstone will open the poster in a new tab and a small window will pop up that says, “Discuss the Poster.” Once you post a question or comment, then the author will get a notification and will respond shortly. You can hide this discussion tab by clicking the arrow at the top of the pop-up screen. 
How do I get my CE, CEPTC, or Pharmacology certificate and how long will it take? 
Click on the “Certificates” tab and choose the certificate you are looking to obtain. A new screen will open and click the “Evaluate Now” button to start the evaluation. Once you have completed the evaluations for the sessions you attended, you will be able to download your certificate immediately.