Call for Nominations: ITNS Board of Directors

The ITNS Nominations Committee is currently looking to fill the following positions:

  • Director (3 open positions): Two-year term, with the option to run for a second term
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Two year term, with the option to run for a second term
  • President-Elect: Three-year term (one year as President-Elect, one year as President, one year as President-Emeritus)

To learn more about each position, along with applicant requirements, role and responsibilities, and more, please select the listed positions above.

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  • Must be an active RN member in good standing in ITNS
  • Must present a documented history of volunteerism in ITNS or other professional associations.
  • Ability to attend the ITNS Board in-person meeting, as well as the ITNS Annual Meeting (Sept 8 – 12, 2021 in Portland, OR, USA)
  • Ability to attend four virtual meetings throughout the year


There are three (3) types of competencies that the Board and Nominations Committee are searching for: nursing, board, and strategic. To view the full list along with a description, please select the competency category below:

There are two steps required to complete your application. Please note that the Nominations Committee will not accept partially completed applications.

  1. Submit your online application
  2. Submit you current CV, headshot, and Conflict of Interest and Disclosures Form, to Kat Waks, ITNS Operations and Education Administrator, at [email protected].
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The application period has been extended to June 1, 2021.