2021 Annual Meeting Posters

  1. Enhanced Utilization of Technology Brought about by a Global Pandemic: One Center's Transition to Work from Home and Telehealth-Based Outpatient Transplant Care
    Diana Toney, BSN RN
  2. Implementing Code Blue Debriefs on the Multi Organ Transplant Unit
    Chantelle Nielson
  3. Increasing Patient Portal Activation in a Liver Transplant Program Patient Population: Techniques, Case Studies, and Appropriate Use
    Diana Toney, BSN RN
  4. Evaluation of Liver Donation and Transplantation in Southern Brazil
    Rafael Pimentel, BSC RN PhD(c)
  5. Quality Improvement Tools to Manage Organ Donation Processes: A Scoping Review Protocol
    Amina Silva, BSN MN PhD(c)
  6. Reasons the Kidney Discards in Southern Brazil
    Rafael Pimentel, BSC RN PhD(c)
  7. Addressing Health Disparities in Kidney Transplantation through the Creation of Culturally Sensitive Education
    Samantha Streepy, MSN RN
  8. An Evidence Based Practice STARS Project to Reduce CAUTI and CLABSI Rates
    Amanda Waters, RN MSN PCCN CNL
  9. Current Status of Self-Management Support for Renal Transplant Recipients
    Changyun Wei
  10. Examination of Factors Affecting Sun Protection Knowledge and Behavior in Liver and Kidney Transplant Recipients
    Yaprak Sarigol Ordin
  11. 'Patient Adherence' Sticking to the Treatment Plan
    Robin Taylor, BSN RN
  12. Plasmapheresis Changes the Exposure of Belatacept: Requires Consideration for Dosing and Frequency Adjustments
    Sandra Cantera, MS BSN RN CCTC
  13. Renal Transplant Candidates' or Recipients' Perspectives on Living Donor Transplantation: A Systematic Review and Qualitative Meta-Synthesis
    Luo Yang, MD
  14. Self-Management Status and its Associated Factors in Renal Transplant Recipients
    Ruiting Wang
  15. Two Stage Assessment of Living Kidney Donors: A Single Centre Experience
    Lilibeth Piso, MSC
  16. Uncertainty in Illness and its Associated Factors in Renal Transplant Renal Transplant Recipients: A Cross-Section Study
    Bei Zhang
  17. Designating the Non-Designated: A Transplant Center's Approach to Non-Designated Living Liver Donors
    Jami Brown, BSN RN CCTC
  18. Educational Strategies for Liver Transplantation Candidates and Recipients: An Integrative Literature Review
    Karina Dal Sasso Mendes, MSC PhD RN
  19. Effects of Intensive Blood Glucose Control on Surgical Site Infection for Liver Transplant Recipients: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Karina Dal Sasso Mendes, MSC PhD RN
  20. Liver Recipient Older than 65 Years Old with Respiratory Symptoms: Out Patients Nursing Care during COVID-19 Pandemic
    Juliana Pereira, BSN RN
  21. Prevalence and Associated Factors with non-Adherence to Immunosuppressive Therapy following Liver Transplant: A Cross-Sectional Study
    Karina Dal Sasso Mendes, MSC PhD RN
  22. Withdrawn
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  24. Optimizing UNOS Intestinal Transplant Waitlist, Leading to More Efficient Organ Offer Reviews
    Dawn Wilkerson, MSN
  25. Withdrawn
  26. The Complex Psychological Aspects of Small Bowel Transplantation from a Team Perspective: A Case Study
    Rodney Bilijam
  27. A Systematic Review about Leadership during COVID-19 Pandemic
    Juliana Pereira, BSN RN
  28. Biovigilance - Implementation of a Tool for Notification of Adverse Events in Cells, Organs, and Tissues in a Country in South America
    Bartira Roza, PhD
  29. Development of a Responsive Digital Platform for Notification of Adverse Events in Cells, Organs, and Tissues
    Bartira Roza, PhD
  30. Implementing Frailty Assessment in Solid Organ Transplant Evaluation: Lessons Learned
    Katherine Kondziolka, RD LD CCTD
  31. Phasing Out CLABSI in the Solid Organ Transplant Population
    Sarah Simons, BSN RN
  32. Process for Managing Kidney, Kidney/Pancreas, and Pancreas Recipients with COVID-19
  33. Robotic Autotransplant: A Treatment Option for Nutcracker Syndrome
    Angele Lacks, BSN CCTC
  34. Supportive Care Needs for Lung Transplant Recipients after Discharge: A Qualitative Study
    Fucong Peng
  35. Transplant Medication Side Effects Education
    Ashley Thomas, BSN
  36. Working from Home during COVID-19: One Ambulatory Transplant Center's Plan to Improve Nursing Practice
    Danielle Hakala, BSN RN CCTN